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Backpacking Loop with Kids - GA, TN, NC - 3 day 2 night trip


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Hello everyone! Im based in Atlanta and looking to take my son (10 years old) on a 3 day +/-15 mile hike. A loop, with great views, minimal elevation gain and water is on my wish list. He has been on a handful of shorter hikes with me and loves it. Id love to keep his backpacking fire burning with a easy-moderate two night 3 day trip. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you everyone! 

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The smokies are an obvious place, you can make short or long loops pretty easily. I just took my 6 year old down there over Labor Day weekend. http://backpackandbeer.blogspot.com/2015/10/dad-and-daughter-go-backpacking.html

This was way less than 15 miles, but you could add more by heading up Forney Creek to the Springhouse Branch trail (1st night at site 71). You could then climb over Forney Ridge to Noland Creek (2nd night at site 64) and back to the car. Looks like that would be about 16 miles and the only real climb would be Forney Ridge which should not be too bad for a 10 year old.

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