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Hiker Heaven to reopen in 2016


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Donna L-Rod Saufley is reopening Hiker Heaven in 2016.  That will make thousands of thru-hikers quite happy.  The following is her posted announcement from Facebook.

"To all our friends far and wide, old and new, and those yet to be met: Hiker Heaven will re-open in April 2016. We will be hosting hikers, accepting packages, and providing the same array of services as in years past (pretty much the exact same format). We’re going to need help from the hiking community to start back up again since we gave almost everything away to other hosting venues along the trail. What we didn’t give away or lose was our love for hosting hikers. 

We want to start a fundraising effort to replace and/or repair what was given away or is falling apart, and could use some direction on how best to do that (GoFundMe or Kickstarter, for example). Also, there are some physical things that will need replacement (i.e., laptops, bikes, loaner clothes etc.). And, of course, we’ll need our beloved volunteers to help make it happen once more – because it can’t happen without their help and support. 

We enjoyed the break we had this year, as it has helped us look forward to hosting again with renewed enthusiasm. We can hardly wait for the 2016 season to get underway!"

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I thought there had to be a lot going on with the Saufley's they weren't willing to share publicly. Hope they get the help they need and have fun with it again.

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