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enLIGHTened equipment Short/Wide Prodigy quilt (Custom) $160


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I have a new condition enLIGHTened equipment Prodigy quilt that despite my efforts and hopes, is just a hair too short for me. I need to sell it so that I can fund one that is just a but longer...

This quilt is listed on the EE site at $180, plus shipping, and of course there is a wait time once ordering. I am asking $160 for mine which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping (to the lower 48) . I will accept payment via PayPal, and prefer the "gift" option in order to avoid any extra fee, however, if you would prefer to use the "Purchase" option, I ask for a total of $165 in order to cover any extra fees.

The quilt is in the very same condition as when I bought it, there are no stains, rips, tears, smells or anything else that would make it any less than new. The quilt has been stored completely opened up and in a smoke free home. I have never used or carried this quilt in the field due to how hot it has been.

No stuff sack or storage sack is included. The quilt did come with some shock cord to use on the back, however, this has been used in other projects, although any shock cord will work, only the quilt and shipping to the lower 48 is included in the price.

If interested, please leave a comment below and then send me a PM in order to get my PayPal info as well as send me your shipping information.

So, how about the quilt? Here are some specs:

Shell: Black 8D Outer & Charcoal 8D Inner

Insulation: 4 oz/sqyd Climashield Apex

Approximate Temp Rating: 35 F

Total Weight: 15.9 oz

Width at Foot: 40.5 inches

Width at Head: 56 inches

Length: 70.5 inches

Taper: Half

3 pair of 1/2 inch grosgrain loops at torso area

6 snaps at foot end with draw cord & cord locks exiting at both sides

1 snap at head end w/ center draw cord and cord lock

When I ordered this quilt I asked Tim to make a few changes from his stock version in order to lighten up this quilt...I asked him to use snaps rather than a zipper to close up the footbox as well as use thinner grossgrain ribbon. As can be seen in the above specs, at 15.9 oz it did indeed cut a bit of weight from the stock quilt, which is listed at an estimated 19.25 oz.

As well, this quilt can be used as an UQ if needed (Tim designs all of his quilts to be used in this fashion).

For reference, I am 5'10" and I can get the quilt cinched up around my neck, however, my toes are pressing into the footbox more than I would like. To be honest, I feel like if I were about 2" shorter, I would be happy with it. However, this quilt is sold to comfortably fit a person up to 5'6".

For more info, you can check out my blog write up on this quilt. (In the write up/video though, I also include my other EE quilt. The one that I am selling is the black and charcoal quilt.)



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