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Snow Camping - Paradise - Mt. Rainier

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

The Paradise area (5400') sits on the southern flank of Mount Rainier National Park in the direct path of winter storms coming off the Pacific. At 5,400 feet, it receives an average of 53 feet of snowfall a year, and a snowpack at the height of winter that can exceed 15 feet. A road is maintained to the Sunrise area throughout the winter, allowing direct access for day trippers, but also those wishing to snow camp. The road closes each night at 5 PM requiring an earlier departure from Paradise to reach the gate, and opens at 9 AM. Frequently gate opening is delayed (or may not occur at all) if snow has fallen overnight. Due to these gate limitations, time on the mountain can be short. For those who wish to maximize their daylight hours in winter and avoid access issues following nighttime snowfall, snow camping provides an opportunity to have a base camp to the virtually unlimited snowshoe and cross country skiing opportunities that Paradise affords...

@JimG shares his experience of camping in the deep snows of the Paradise area with tips along the way in Issue 26:

Into the Great White - Snow Camping on Mount Rainier

Winter Camping - Mt. Rainier

Issue 26 Page 1

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