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Media 26: Unbranded Movie

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

If there is an enduring archetype about the American West, it is the cowboy on his faithful horse riding through the wilderness and into the sunset. This archetype was formed by numerous books, songs and John Ford westerns and has passed into the collective American cultural mythos. Unfortunately, this romantic view of the old West sometimes clashes with reality. In the modern American West, these wilderness lands are bisected by private property, roads, different land agencies, and jurisdictions. Riding through these lands poses a challenge for those on a long journey. Is it still possible to capture the sense of romanticism and adventure on such a journey in modern times? The new documentary Unbranded has a simple answer...

@PaulMags reviews the movie Unbranded in Issue 26:

Unbranded: The American West on Horseback

Unbranded - the American West on Horseback Movie Review

Issue 26 Page 1

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