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Any Suggestions on Softshell Pants Please


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I'm looking for a softshell MEN pant with these propreties:

- Main fabric similar to Arcteryx Gamma LT Pants (Breathable Light Uninsulated Sofshell)

- Gore-tex (or other waterproof fabric) doubled on posterior, knees and around ankles (ankles not so important)

- Leg length side zippers

- Relaxed fit so I can wear it as a layer over 2-3 other layers

I can sow!!! So, in case a pant with all those proprities does not exist I can take the closest thing and modify it.

* In case there is no side Zippers, I can add that for as long as there is no side cargo pockets. I would have to remove them and that will leave wholes in fabric, or cut through which will leave me with 2 side pocket on each side too slender to use. 

* In case they are not doubled (posterior knees ankles) I can add Gore-tex

I would prefer the case where there is no side zippers as adding goretex fabric might get a little too over budget. Also, gore-tex fabric is hard to find in Canada.

The closest I found is La sportiva Halo Pant but I don't realy like them.

Please someone advise me on the closest thing as I'm going crazy looking at pictures and reading incomplete descriptions.

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Not sure if these are exactly what you're looking for, but from some quick searching looks like they might be somewhat of a match?

Patagonia Mixed Guide Pants: 


Arc’teryx Alpha Comp:


...Hope this helps!

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Waterproof AND softshell just sounds hot & sweaty to me. I'd rather have a light pair of softshell pants that aren't waterproof and breathe well, and a light pair of rain pants (maybe with side zips).

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Thanks Aaron for your suggestion in here. I took a look but I think my biggest problem with all these pants are the amount of extra pockets they all have. Much like climbers survivalists and other minimalists out there, I think that the lightest way is layers.

My winter pants = my summer pants + a soft shell

My Snow pants = my winter pants + a gore-tex pant

My Winter Camping pants = my winter pants + a down pant

My laying down in snow pants = my winter camping pants + a gore-tex

To all the layers I add leg length zippers so I don't have to remove my shoes to put them on. I have no use for all these pockets because I already have them on my summer pants. All I have to do to reach my pockets is open the zipper on my outer layer(s).

The other problem I have is with the FIT. There are many summer pants with a relaxed fit out there while all the soft shells are either trim fit or regular fit. No Relaxed FIT.

So basically, what I'm looking for is a softshell with doubled  knees, doubled but, relaxed fit and a clear side so I can add a leg length zipper.

I find the market to be very inadequate for my needs even though I am able to modify and construct. Anyone feels like me or am I some kind of a clothing extremist?

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Arcteryx Gamma LT (Breathable Light Uninsulated Sofshell) Pants remind me much of the REI Schoeller Dryskin Acme and Mistral pants I have. They are highly WR, mud resistant, etc that I wear on muddy winter canyoneering treks, for some colder season above treeline pursuits, and some moderate but not heavily strenuous wet snow activities. I've used them for climbing and winter backpacking as well. They are heavy wt though. I could use finding a lighter wt pr but my 9 yr old REI Mistrals and Acmes still look like I bought them yesterday despite the mileage on them. .  

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