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Rain jacket and bottoms


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Hi all,

A fellow user here recommended the Dry Ducks ultra lite rain jacket but not the bottoms (and I read plenty of bad reviews about the bottoms). The bottoms he recommended (Campmor) seem good but would not match Dri Ducks jacket color wise at all. Any suggests?


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Aaron Zagrodnick

Hey Reflex, if the pants are what you're looking for I personally wouldn't worry too much about the color - most of the time your rain pants will stay packed anyway. Although, if these are the Campmor rain pants you're referencing those are indeed some throwback colors! I use a pair of rain pants from GoLite that you can't get anymore, but I know @Jen has has good success with some not too pricey Red Ledge Rain Pantsir?t=20-07-14-12612-20&l=ur2&o=1 - they'll still run more than $10, though.

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I think Froggtoggs are crap. I had an emergency Froggtogg jacket that I loaned a friend for a rainy 14er climb in CO. He was pretty miserable - was like wearing a wet napkin after a couple of hours. They are very flimsy and will shred if you have to push through brush when wet.

Marmot Precip rain gear is the popular trail-proven cheap stuff. I'm more picky and will always spend time trying on rain gear at a store that sells quality stuff. It's an investment and worth making sure you get something that does what it need to do and is comfortable.

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If you can deal with a multicam pattern, then in my opinion, there is one pair of rain pants that trumps them all. British Army Lightweight Goretex Pants. They are a pretty recent development, but are not hard to get. They are exceptionally light, pack down well, keep you dry in all kinds of bad weather, and they are cheap! I got a pair for around $35 shipped to me brand new.

I've used them for a few years, and I have zero complaints. They are not hard to find. They only come in multicam. There are two types of British Army goretex pants in the multicam pattern. One is the regular, heavier type, but the Lightweight is what you want to look for. The tell tale sign that they are the proper lightweight pants is that they will have zippers on both pant legs running the entire length of the pant.

Can't say enough good things about them. Had a few trips in below freezing temps with heavy snowfall. Just wore some fleece pajama pants under these lightweight goretex pants, and it was the perfect combo. Breathed well so I never got sweaty. Wind-proof and water-proof so i stayed dry the whole time. And did I mention they are light :)

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