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What repellent do you bring for light backpacking?


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Aaron Zagrodnick

I was thinking insect repellent as well but thanks for confirming. :) Back in the day I used to use DEET, which works amazingly well and the smell of OFF! still takes me back to camping by a fire with my Coleman synthetic 0 degree bag and canvas backpack, but concerns over it causing issues with my gear or myself steered me towards products using Picaridin, which also works well in concentrations high enough - around 20%. (Example Natrapel

However, continuing my trend, I now use the All Terrain Herbal Armor product and it works well enough for me - much better than other natural type products I've tried - but does require more frequent application for sure. I'll combine that with long pants and a long sleeve light shirt, and add in a headnet for the very worst parts of the year. I also sleep in an enclosed shelter and generally stay on the move during the day.

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My hands, lol.

I've always hated the smell and feel of any repellent I've tried and have always felt a little sick after applying, so I opt for long pants, a long shirt as long as it's not too hot, and lots of swatting. As long as I'm on the move I've never been bothered too much, and if fires are allowed at the campsite I stop at, the smoke from the fire usually drives most of them away. I have heard good things about picaridin though. I haven't tried it yet, but have been meaning to.

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I like Watkins Great Outdoors insect repellent lotion. The lotion is easier to apply on my face then sprays and it works very well for me keeping the mosquitos away. 

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