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You can hear bulls bugling all over, so I hiked back into some of the more rugged areas of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Last weekend that most humans avoid. I hike scent free with a cammo top on just Like I would if I had a bow on my back.

Got on up a south facing slope overlooking a steep saddle between two mountains with the wind in my face. It was very early morning and there were at least 40 animals in the saddle. Every cow had at least 2 bulls following her. Between bugling and the crashing of branches as bulls chased cows, it was pretty exciting.

Hadn't been sitting there 5 minutes when this cow led two bulls right up to my spot.


The shutter got their attention, so he barked at me. Until this hike, I didn't know elk had nervous or warning barks.When that didn't fix things to his liking, he cut loose with a bugle.


After a while I hiked down a ridge on a well used game trail with a lot of very fresh sign. Got to a small clearing and bugled. This bull comes busting out of the brush about 10 feet away like he had been hit with a cattle prod. He went about 10 feet, stopped and barked at me.

He was still a little damp from being in a wallow.


Got a lot of pics, but these were my favorite. Will be going back down next weekend to help with a couple tours, so I plan on slipping back in there again.

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That must have been amazing to see that. I love coming across the unexpected while I am hiking. I think that is one of the biggest draws for me.

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