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Hike to Zealand Hut in NH


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I did an overnight hike to the Zealand Hut in NH this past Friday and Saturday. Amazing winter beauty! I hiked up Mt. Avalon, Mt Field, and Mt. Tom before heading over to Zealand to crash for the night. The snow and ice wasn't too bad. I hiked in microspikes, but should have used mountaineering crampons. Lessons learned. Saw a few critters out and about...squirrels, gray jays, and a pine marten! First time for the marten. It was 1F when I hiked in, but thankfully not too windy. Had I hiked in on Saturday, THAT would have been perhaps too cold. The wind chill was -20F at that point.



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Zealand hut is open year round with a caretaker, but in the winter months it is self service. The wood stove will get going around 5pm, but be put out by 9pm. The common area does get warm, but the bunk areas are not heated so you'll still need a winter sleeping bag. You can get all the hot water you need but that's it.


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