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Berg Lake Trail, Mt Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia Canada

Sarah Burns

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Long time lurker, first time poster.

Last year was my first year of overnight backpacking and I love it.

Among others, I hiked the Berg Lake Trail in British Columbia and if you haven't been, it is amazing.

It's popular and busy, but that didn't take away from our experience at all. My 11-year-old nephew joined us for his first ever hike and he is hooked. 

I did my best to build a comprehensive blog post on the entire planning, booking and hiking experience as we put together our plans for the 2016 year (which include revisiting Berg Lake, first time on the Sky Line trail and another visit into Tonquin Valley).

My Blog: Stop Nothing But Time
Berg Lake Post

Also, I'm using my Instagram account as a visual trail report on the hike for the next few days. 

I truly appreciate any feedback.

Thank you, and happy hiking!


berg lake august long-1331.jpg

berg lake august long-1430-Edit.jpg

2015-08-01 18.18.03.jpg

berg lake august long-1286.jpg

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Sarah, Was up to Berg Lake last year (for the 4th time!), and also to the Tonquin valley--both awesome places.   Have done the Skyline trail in 2006, which (as you know) is also not to be missed!   Going back to the Canadian Rockies this July--doing Mt Assiboine N.P. and also the Skoki valley. If you return, you might consider a day hike to snowbird pass (don't need to go all the way to the pass to get some ridiculously awesome views of the back side of Mt Robson, and Robson glacier. 

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Great post Sarah and welcome to the forum. Berg Lake is one I hope to do soon, though I probably won't have time to get up that way this year. 

Looking forward to seeing more trip reports! :)

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