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Fail at Minister Creek


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Impatient acts are sometimes the main reason for becoming "lost" and or confused. This past Saturday 2-20-2016 was a good case of impatience which resulted in failing to complete the trail. Minister Creek is a moderate difficult trail in Allegheny National Forest off triple6s in Cherry Grove PA. It is one the most heavily used trails in the area how ever it was not well traveled after the past weeks snowfall and the trail is not well marked in some ares so it gets confusing and one must exercise patients too execute proper direction of travel. My friend got rushed and in a hurry so we ended making several circles off the south loop and eventually having to call it quits before being able to complete the whole south and north loops combined. One left turn prior to loosing patients and the trip would have been a different story. It is said not all Trails are a straight line from point A to point B. Minister Creek is a very good example of that. Also there is very severe storm damage on a large part of the North loop that occurred around this time last year. A tornado or tornado force winds blew through there and wiped out hundreds of trees. Cause a lot of damage and tragically a young camper was killed in the storm. Atticus the Greyhound was our trail guide for the day. He had a blast.20160220_115333.jpg.f1056009255fd37cde9e
















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