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so what backpack?


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You might want to spend some time reading reviews at sectionhiker.com. Phil reviews a lot of backpacking stuff and I think he is pretty unbiased/truthful in his reviews.

here is something to get you started


FWIW, I have an older model Gossamer Gear Mariposa and it is great (reviewed by Phil). I also have a heavier Deuter ACT Light 65+10 but it is more than twice as heavy as the Mariposa and I almost never use it. http://www.rei.com/product/876567/deuter-act-lite-65-10-pack

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My friend who hiked the PCT in 2014 said there were more ULA Catalyst packs than any other among thru-hikers.

My friend hiking the PCT this year is using a Z-Packs Arc Haul.

I have some friends who used to like the old GG Mariposa, but the new one so much. One dumped his for a ULA Circuit.

There was a new lightweight Osprey pack I tried on in a shop recently that got my attention more than any other Osprey pack. They are wildly popular, like BA tents.

My favorite pack is the ugly yellow REI Flash they made a few years ago. Try a bunch on and see what you like.

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From reading online, these look interesting:

Gossamer Gorilla, Ospray Exos 48


what would be the benefit of the heavier backpacks?


Is there any disadvantage to these ultra light backpacks in general? While Im trying to be light, I aint going nowhere fancy for weeks. But being light is important regardless.

Also, since I dont want to buy 2 backpacks, whats a good all around size in capacity for anything from weekend, 1 week, 2 weeks, thru to international touristic travel?

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16 hours ago, Reflex said:

Is there any disadvantage to these ultra light backpacks in general?

They can be really uncomfortable. The GG Gorilla doesn't have a frame/stays - and I wouldn't recommend any pack without a frame. I think I'd rather carry 50# all day in a cushy 7# Gregory pack than an overloaded Gorilla (25-30#) where all the weight is on your shoulders.

And 48L is a small pack. You probably need something in the 60L range if you carry the stuff most people carry.

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The Gorilla does have a frame, it is simple but it works in the bigger Mariposa so it probably works well in the Gorilla.

I have had 25-30# in the Mariposa and not had any problems. Personally, I would never carry a 7# pack or 50# weight unless I was headed up Everest.

I had ~30# in the Mariposa on a 5 night Smokies trip this past December (hammock, quilts, 10# of food,...) no problems for weight or capacity. If I had a huge 20 degree synthetic bag and large tent I might have had problems, but if I had that much stuff I would still be using my Deuter pack.

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