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Beautiful Winter hike; CAMELS HUMP VT


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Hello everyone,

I am new here, just browsing around and getting some great ideas for my next hiking trip. So, I decided to share an experience of my own.

Now I am relatively new to hiking, and recently did my 1st mountain hike! It was at Camels Hump, Vermont, in frigid temperatures well below 0 degrees F. 

Camels hump is Vermont's 3rd highest mountain, which is 4083 feet at the peak.

Long story short, I was kind of nervous to have such a big mountain and such frigid temperatures for my first mountain hike. However, I dressed accordingly and wasn't cold until contacting the wind chills at the summit. (The only stupid thing I did was not get hiking boots yet. I wore my steel toe work boots instead which were warm, water proof, but super heavy.)

Now I can go on all day about how this hike was a great experience for me, and how beautiful it was but instead just watch the video I took and see for yourself! Videos can say a million words!

Overall, this hike was fantastic, and I highly recommend it for anyone to do, even in the winter! Thanks for your time!

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