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Which portable battery pack to choose?


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I am thinking of buying an external battery charger/pack for hiking. I am considering two models: Innergie PocketCell Duo and Anker Astro 5600. Has anyone used these batteries before? What did you like/didn't like about them?

In general, what are the most important features for an external battery pack for hiking?



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Don't know how much help I will be.  Here's what I considered when I bought a battery pack:  have heard too much about issues with slow charging with solar systems, so I purchased a battery instead: goal zero switch.  It weighs 3 oz (very important to me, as I only take it with me on backpacking trips. It's 4 1/2 inches long, and 1" diameter cylinder (about like a large cigar).  I'm going by memory on this, but I believe it's able to provide a full charge to an IPhone or similar device twice.  I have never had to use it in the backcountry, but it takes just a few hours to charge it at home, and I have always looked at it as a good backup.  I am not a heavy user of electronic devices in the backcountry, but do have a rechargeable steripen which can be charged via USB (which this battery pack has--charge the pack via USB at home, then has a USB output port to charge a device). If you are looking for a solar device, I can't comment too much, other than I know they take a while to achieve full charge, and they have always seemed a bit of a hassle to me.  Hope that helps?

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