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Good lightweight non mummy Sleeping bag?


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As somebody who can't do mummy bags either (I bought one and thank god I tried it at home because it was about two minutes before I was panicking to get the zipper undone) I have fallen in love with NEMO. Lots of extra room in the knee and elbow area so you can sleep on your side. The vent baffles to let heat escape if you get too warm without opening your bag. Even the little built in pillow pocket. Everything about NEMO's bags I love. I'm currently using the NEMO Disco 15 degree down bag. 

That said, my next step is going to for sure be a quilt. I love the look of the EE quilts but I'm not so sure about how small the foot box is. I think I may end up with the NEMO Tango Solo (see a theme here?) because I love the way it works and after trying it in the store I found it's almost like sleeping in a bed. That said, it's only a 30 degree bag so it's not going to work well for winter camping but should probably be fine the rest of the time. 

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