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advice on backpacking in Big Sur?


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Hi all -

Planning a backpacking trip to Big Sur over Memorial Day weekend (May 30th) --- and looking for any tips or advice.

It will be short - 2 nights, 3 days ... and we're total beginners (i.e. never done this before).  We were thinking maybe 5-8 mile hikes every day.

Can anyone point me in a direction / suggest a route? I bought a book, but I'm finding it not-so-helpful, so I thought I'd try this out!

Thanks for any suggestions!!!!

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There will be literally hundreds of people on the Pine Ridge Trail headed to Sykes Hot Spring (polluting the river). The popular easy hikes will be crowded. If you can make your way up the Tassajara road to China Camp and hike the other end of the Pine Ridge Trail it should be better. Pine Valley is amazing.

I live south of the area and hike in the Silver Peak Wilderness regularly. That area should not be as crowded as Ventana's popular hikes. Here are photos of my last trip there (captioned in the 'info' bar). Be warned that there are lots of trails on the map that are really overgrown and difficult to hike. 

More info:



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