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Tent dilemmas again!


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Aaron Zagrodnick

Haven't used the Copper Spur, but going off specs it seems like it should be workable - preferences of course vary. Personally I like something with more floorspace...for two I've really liked the non-tapering 90x54 floor of the Lunar Duo and think it's about the perfect size and a really comfortable amount of space without being excessive. Lots of room to bring a wide pad and room for space between the sleeping pads and / or on either side and the ends with some leeway for sliding around at night - tent floors always get smaller in the field for me. But it would all come down to preference and the overall pros and cons of whatever options you're considering. I do have a tent that is technically a 2 person tent and that I initially hoped would work in that manner, but after one overnighter with 2 of us it's been my solo tent ever since. :)

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Even the expensive tents require some trade offs.  There are many right answers to these questions and only you can decide.

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