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World's Most-Hiked Mountain? Mt. Monadnock


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Ive heard a few times that Mt. Monadnock is considered to be the world's most-climbed mountain. Being a 3000 footer, I decided to give it a go with a few of my buddies.

Back in January, I did another hike on Camel's Hump in Vermont.

Since then, I got new equipment including a pair of actual hiking boots (not steel-toe timberlands) and an osprey pack. I am super pleased with them so far!

Mt Monadnock was a ton of fun! We got a great day, high 30s (F), and clear blue sky. Up near the top winds were strong, but no big issue.

We summited through Cascade trail then down through the popular White Dot Trail. The whole hike took about 4 hours or so, as we took our time and had lunch at one peak.

Overall, it is easy to see why Monadnock is such a popular mountain! It makes a great quick climb with fantastic scenery. You get a huge bang for your buck on this hike, the payoff with amazing views comes early, and only gets better as you ascent.

I love to make videos, and hiking videos are especially fun for me to make. Check my video out with a dramatic intro and good music! 

Hope this helps anyone considering trying Monadnock!

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Great music by Boston and what a fun video!  I have hiked up Mount Monadnock once and it definitely is a challenge, especially for someone who lives in a rather flat state (New Jersey).  The views at the top are definitely worth it, though!

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Michael aka Mac

I have been waiting very patiently for someone to put Mountain Dew as a runner up, but maybe it's just a Rocky Road...to break the Ice

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