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Seafood on the Trail

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I'm more interested in hearing from anyone who's somehow made fishing a staple of their thru-hiking experience! Is it frowned upon because of the inherent dangers of bear interaction on the trail?

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I went on a sea kayak trip once in the San Juan Islands of WA.  We brought a crab trap and a fishing rod.  That was some good eating and it did not come out of a foil pouch. 

You can also steam your shrimp in Old Bay's hot seasoning and dehydrate them. Then fry up some andouille sausage and gator meat and place in a zip lock bag. In camp re-hydrate the shrimp in Crysyal's

I would like to add some ingredients to help anyone that would like to eat seafood on the trail.   Milpas Ground Shrimp  https://www.walmart.com/ip/Milpas-Ground-Shrimp-2-oz/55383365?wmlspartner=

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