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Lower Sisquoc Loop


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There is a great winter loop hike in the San Rafael Wilderness north of Santa Barbara, CA. The loop involves the Manzana Creek Trail and the lower part of the Sisquoc River Trail. From NIRA Campground, I hiked down Manzana Creek 8 miles to Manzana Schoolhouse, then 21 miles up the Sisquoc River to the South Fork Guard Station, and 15 miles down the Manzana Creek Trail back to NIRA Campground. I did this as a Volunteer Wilderness Ranger patrol & recon with a friend who is organizing a trail maintenance project on the far side of this loop. 

I love the remote and historic feel of this hike. The Sisquoc River Trail is always faint and hard to follow, but this time the long grass had us stumped a few times. Hard to get lost though, if you just keep hiking up the canyon. We did the loop in 3 days, being familiar with the route, but I'm looking forward to spending 10 days back there this spring working on the trail.


The photo album:   https://goo.gl/photos/WzjxccV8QgQAcjXc6

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Thanks for the report toejam, looks like an interesting trail and definitely some spring-like scenery to be found...still waiting here. :)

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