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12 more miles on NCT


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Its been a few weeks since I was able to get out on the trail. Some changes in weather along with some unplanned changes in employment caused some stalls on taking a trek through the section of NCT I've been charting. We actually picked up on the trail where we originally started it and headed in the other direction because it was dry enough to do the hill climbs in the area of the trail that crosses the Entire north side of Lake Arthur at Morain State Park in Slippery Rock PA. Most of the sections we have been doing are between 9 and 12 miles. The next sections we are going to do over nights because they can be as far as 30 miles between road ways. This portion that we got through Saturday was very nice and fairly easy. Some of the hills were so long, it was better to run up them rather than walk and get burnt doing so because the inclines were steep. Again overall it wasn't the bad. The weather was perfect for hiking as well. Our trail dog this time around was Bane. He had a Blast011.jpg.2554bd29abbf8973548126a1cd45dbcaThis cabin is about half way through the section and offers tent or other self brought camping on a first come first serve basis. There is a large fire pit with chairs and tables and all the cut firewood one could use for an evening camp fire. There are platforms to set tents up on to stay off the unlevel ground and the area is huge. Behind it is a deck that extends out onto Lake Arthur. It also has road access.











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23 hours ago, toejam said:

Good to hear you are still at it. Looks like maybe you are starting to shed layers?

Yes the layers are starting to be shed for sure. Down to convertible pants mesh shirt and 1.0 UA finally which makes for a more comfortable and lighter hike. Also its great to step in lighter shoes and boots as well. Probably be able to go bare foot within the next couple weeks :)

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