Issue 27 Released

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Issue 27 of TrailGroove Magazine is now available! Click the preceding link or the cover below to take a look:

TrailGroove Backpacking and Hiking Magazine - Issue 27.jpg

In This Issue:

Jargon: Terrain Class

Trail News

Trail Tip: The Long Distance Backpack

The Colorado Trail Part 1

Thru-hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail

Backpacking in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Gear Maintenance

Black Diamond Firstlight Review

Seafood on the Trail

Lookouts in the Cascades

Gear Mash

Photo Tips from the Trail: Bounce Light

Media: To Build a Fire

Backcountry Cuisine: No-Cook Couscous and Chicken

The Colorado Trail Part 2

186 free pages dedicated to backpacking and hiking. Special thanks to all of our readers and contributors for your support and contributions towards the latest issue! If it's your first time viewing the magazine, we suggest starting on Page 1 for viewing tips and tricks. Prefer a different format or want to view the magazine offline? A PDF is also available individually or included with a premium membership. Your input is highly appreciated. Let us know what you thought about Issue 27 here on the TrailGroove Forum, or shoot us an email anytime. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for Issue 28, due out in May.

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