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Sleeping bag, final choices, your opinion?


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Looking at these 3 for all around use in Georgia and beyond, 3 season. 

Not enough experience to know if I need/want a hood....???

Enlightened Equipment Convert fully enclosed sleeping bag, 20 degree, 800 down dritek, 1 lbs 57 oz. No hood, fully openable, foot box opening. 


Sierra Designs Zissou 3S: Weighs 2 lbs, 10oz, has hood, 700 down, packs at 8x16. EN Lower 15

Sierra Design Zissou 23 or 26 bag, similar to above

Sea To Summit Trek II: EN 18 degree, has hood, footbox, open like quilt, 650 down, weighs 2 lbs, 7 oz, packs at 7.5 x14.


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I can't speak to any of those specific choices, but I can answer the hood question. You don't need a hood on you bag for 3-seasons in the SE. All my backpacking is in the TN/NC/GA area. I have a couple quilts depending on the season, neither have a hood. I have been fine down to about 15 degrees with a Buff around my neck and a fleece hat on my head. I am a hammock camper, but I don't think that a tent would change my answer. A tent would likely be more shelter from the wind and make a hood less needed.

Hope that helps

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Aaron Zagrodnick

I've found that a separate hood works well for me, but I toss and turn a lot and combine it with a hat and often the hood on my down jacket. On warmer nights I won't use the separate hood at all, but I almost always bring it along and I find that right around the freezing mark and below is where my face starts to get chilled and it helps to add the hood into the mix. But, I previously used more standard bags with built-in hoods before I picked up my current bag and they kept me warm, I just found a hoodless bag and the separate hood to be more comfortable - depends on what works best for you!

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