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Therm-a-rest proton blanket


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Hello everyone!!

I was wondering if anyone has had the chance to try out the proton blanket from therm-a-rest.

It appears to be a nice compact solution for my lightweight kit which will be used mainly in the summer months, no less then 7*C or about 45*F.

I like the tapered shape of a quilt for the extra weight relief and the possibility of wrapping it around my sleeping pad.

I am however concerned with the "waterproof breathable fabric" it has and the overall warmth it can sustain. Is it a little clammy? 

Can any of you see any shortcomings with the proton blanket?

If any of you would care to comment on the Proton or recommend similar quilt like products for a lightweight kit I would greatly appreciate your insights or recommendations.



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Proton blanket? I have no experience with it..but the name is quite cool. :D


Synthetic quilt is looks like? I find so-called WPB membranes to not work well. But that is me.

If you are hovering around 45F, something like the prodigy may be better. A tad lighter if a little more expensive


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Aaron Zagrodnick

The Proton blanket looks like an interesting concept perhaps as a warm weather or emergency sleeping solution. At around a pound I'd say you get more warmth out of one of the higher end quilts like Paul mentioned, but considering the Proton is going for $60 on Amazon the price might be tough to beat!

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