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Pack choices for the over-packer


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How about trying to answer the question he asked. He's carrying gear for three people and you reference thru-hikers carrying 20lb packs??? Seriously??  TxAggie was clear in his question about his

Once again: I'm well versed in carrying a heavy pack. After being in the Army, I consider 35 lbs Ultra Light, that was the first real pack I had to carry: 12 miles in 3 hours with an old school ALICE

I read through the above and I'd like to offer an alternative consideration.  Check out the Gregory Baltoro and/or the Denali.  They both are very comfortable load haulers, slightly different designs,

1 hour ago, ppine said:

As people gain experience their packs get lighter.

Yeah, well, what can I say. I'm a loaner. A rebel. So long, Pine. 

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