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Day Pack question


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I am looking for a great day pack, mainly for hiking. I love Maxpedition products for their durability and flexibleness.
I was looking at the Maxpedition Falcon II for a day pack for hikes, but am wondering how it is for Hiking.
I am a scout leader and need something somewhat light cause I carry a bunch of stuff. My large Camelback bag isn't big enough.

I was also considering a traditional hiking day pack from Kelty like the Redwing, but am torn between the two.

Just curious if any hikers out there use the Maxpedition Falcon II for hiking or is this more for tactical purposes.

My current 10 year old day pack causes my back to sweat so badly, i can't stand it. Probably due to old airflow designs.

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That's way too much day pack for me, but I'll never carry stuff for a bunch of scouts. The Maxpedition loaded will be sweaty, as will the Redwing. It's the design of the back panel. Look at some Osprey day packs - they design some more advanced back panels to promote air flow.

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