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Backpacking Marble Canyon, Death Valley

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

I once saw a postcard in an Eastern California gas station showcasing a photo of an impressive blue slot canyon. The earth in the photo looked barren, bleak, and chalky. The rock looked smooth as if carved by water long ago. Clearly no water remained in this place so dry and desolate, and the landscape looked distinctly like it belonged to the unique ranges within Death Valley National Park. The mysterious blue rock was known as Marble Canyon, and I decided the weekend after I had bought a new camera that I’d try to capture the same photograph I had haunting my memory. It was March in Death Valley and an incredible heat wave was hanging over the area...

In Issue 28, @michael.swanbeck reports back after a trip hiking in Death Valley - check out the full article in Issue 28:

Into the Canyon in Death Valley

Backpacking in Marble Canyon, Death Valley National Park.jpg

Issue 28 Page 1

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