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NOLS Alum - using down sleeping bag on Rocky Mountain trip

Laura L

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Do any NOLS alum have any experience using a down bag on any NOLS trips? I'm going on NOLS climbing/canyoneering trip in the fall and I would prefer to bring my down sleeping bag (feathered friends 10 degrees) but I'm worried the instructors will nix it because of NOLS reputation for doing everything the "NOLS way" and the equipment lists only suggest synthetic bags

(I know the pros/cons of synthetic v. down -- I just prefer my down bag and wondered if its NOLS appropriate)

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Hey Laura - No personal experience on a NOLS trip but as you saw looks like they suggest a synthetic bag for all those courses, example:


In other courses (example the lightweight backpacking course) they specifically suggest a down bag, and they do mention down more specifically for other climbing  / canyoneering courses in other locations with down listed as "not suitable" for Pacific Northwest courses and "not acceptable" for Patagonia with down or synthetic being recommended for the Southwest. Have you given them a shout to see what they think by chance? :)

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