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down jackets and Uniqlo jackets


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Hey all, 

I currently own the standard Uniqlo down UL jacket (no hood).  Im not sure what cold weather it can handle vs the more spendy jackets...?


Also, whats an acceptable weight in UL world for a hooded down jacket? Ive seen a lot of other more affordable ones or on sale come in at 15-16 oz. 

I just can bring myself to spend $$ for the Patagonia UL hoodie or a Ghost Whisperer. 

Thank you

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The Uniqlo, and similar for that matter, are rough equivalents of a 200 WT fleece in terms of warmth and what it is used for: Cooler temps but not cold weather.

Having said that, the Uniqlo is a very good bargain piece that works well.

Just don't expect a winter rated jacket. :)

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