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Looking for a destination


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Dear TG'ers,

My name is Mark and I'm a 25 year old from the Netherlands. For some time now I have been looking for a destination for me and 1 or 2 friends. I hoped that the forum users here could give me some input on where to go. I have to say I'm a complete beginner and only did small 'hiking' trips that lasted 6 hours maximum. Nonetheless I feel a strong urge to take on a bigger challenge and take a trip to a remote location for a few weeks. How this process will go I have no idea, for instance the fact if we would camp in the wilderness or stay in a village or city every night. Is it irresponsible to go without a guide and such? Maybe some of you here can give me some advice on this matter. 

The image I see when I think of the destination I would like to go to I see the following things. I hope someone can come up with a destination that matches these more or less. 

- Both mountains and forest really interest me
- Small waterfalls in the middle of nowhere 
- Challenging (climbing) trails, that require no expert level equipment and such. 
- I don't really like sandy or glacial landscapes
- From what I've seen, Africa really grabs my attention, for instance Madagascar and Tanzania. Do these destinations match my criteria? If someone knows what I'm talking about: the games Uncharted and some Tomb Raider games perfectly represent these criteria

Excuse me for this first message book I've posted but I wanted to cover the full extend of my thougts. Thank you very much in advance!



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I don't know anything about Africa; however, I would recommend looking into Scotland as a beginning trip.  I was there last summer around Glen Coe and Fort William and this area has most of what you describe.  Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK and while it isn't tall by most standards (around 4000 Meters) it is a challenging climb.  People are friendly there and there is a lot to see and do.

Just food for thought for you.  I hope you find a good destination and, wherever it is, you have a great experience.

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Bavaria, Switzerland, France?

What you described sounds like road trips I've done in Colorado & California.

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