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AT camping?


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Okay, I plan to section the AT trail in NJ, which is about 73 miles. Am I required to camo at the designated camping areas or am I allowed to camp off the trail and go at my own pace? i am so confused because I see something different with every site I go to. 

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I hiked the NJ AT a couple of years ago from the Water Gap to High Point. Just looking at my maps, I think the only camping restriction was in Worthington State Forest where the only backcountry camping is at the intersection of the AT and the Douglas trail near Sunfish Pond. I made notes on my maps of potential campsites in the Delaware Water Gap and the other Forests.

I know I camped at a non-designated site the first night and at a shelter the second night. I had a hammock which was the only reason I was able to camp where I did the first night, a tent would not have worked.

If you are really worried, I'd contact http://www.nynjtc.org/region/appalachian-trail

Hope that helps.

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