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Newbie sailor using backpacking equiptment


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I sail a corsair f24 mark 1 trimaran. This is a fast sailboat. I would like to do some solo cruising with the boat. The secret of trimarans is keeping them light. An overloaded trimaran is just another slow sailboat.

I would like to set the boat up for cruising using backpacking stuff. I already have the alcohol stove that came with the boat made by origo but it is known to be a pretty slow cooker. I may buy a jet boil stove for boiling water for freeze dried meals.  Any rhoughts in the jet boil would be helpfull. I have a sleeping bag. I need a pillow and wondered which backpacking is the most comfortable an in my insrance, which might work better in a slightly damp environment. My bed onboard is a fairly spacious single v berth in the front end of the boat. Any help from experienced backpackers would be helpful.



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I have a thermarest pillow for car camping, it compresses easily if you wanted to tuck it away and is pretty comfortable. I live/camp in the SE so I am used to humidity, the pillow works great.


If you are sailing in warm waters, I would look for a synthetic quilt vs a sleeping bag or even a light weight fleece blanket.

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Thanks for the info.

I will buy a thermorest.

I saw a comparison online and I was suprised to see the thermorest rated the most comfortable even though it was just about the cheapest. Some were rated higher because they packed easier/lighter. I will go for comfort.

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