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New guy from Ohio


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This all started with my wife and I planning our anniversary trip. We are going to Victor Idahofor about a week and are planning on doing some hiking out there. We were on a short family trip a couple of weeks ago to see family in Greensboro North Carolina. While we were there we hiked around pilot mountain and then took the kids to hanging rock where we hiked up to the top. My kids loved it and were able to do the hike with out being carried. They are 6 and 3. They loved it and so did we. Then this last weekend we took them to Mohican here in Ohio. It's about an hour and a half east of me. We did about 4 miles and again the kids did great. So now we're hooked and we are planning some more trip within the state for about every weekend this summer.  

I came here to get some advice on gear and hopefully to read a few stories of other people's adventures. Thanks and I look forword to getting to know you all.

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