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Looking for partner or joining the group anytime b/w July 20th and August 15th


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I'm looking for partner / join a group for hiking. 

WHEN: I have time b/w July 20th and August 15th , but I'm flexible here: if you have only one, two or three weeks between those dates that's all fine

WHERE: I'm open for ideas. So far I'm considering Maine / 100 mile wilderness, NC / Black Mountains, GA / Benton MacKaye trail
What i'm looking is just rather wild, not crowded area

Briefly about me: I'm 31 year old, based in Brooklyn, NY where I moved 
almost three years ago from Warsaw, Poland. I have long term experience in hiking
and mountain climbing, been on multiple mountain expeditions ( Alps,
Pyrenees and Carpathians in Europe, Pontics in Turkey and Himalaya in
Asia). After moving to U.S never had a chance to find time to explore
american mountains and finally this summer want to start with the
Appalachian. I'm open minded, easy going with love to people and nature

If you'll be in interested please write here or email me at sarniak.eryk@gmail.com

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