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A chilly night at Willett Hot Springs in the Sespe Wilderness area


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Aaron Zagrodnick

Great views and it looks like Sespe has some really interesting terrain. Nice report on the blog - Interested to check out the TarpTent Contrail review if you get around to it!

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Thanks Aaron. The TT Contrail was just borrowed for this trip. The person I was borrowing it from was thinking of selling it. To be quite honest, I wasn't too happy with it. I'm sure it was just me but it felt a little fussy to setup compared to my other tarp type shelters. Additionally, the Contrail seemed to require tightening every so often. When I woke up, the rear of the tent was close to touching my legs due to the moisture...it sags quite easily. I'm sure it's because it's silnylon and when that fabric gets wet, it stretches a bit.

I'll definitely write a review on it soon.

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