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Buffalo River, Arkansas


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Took a quick overnight into the Buffalo River around Horseshoe bend. Got about an inch of rain and the temp dropped to 28 that evening. Most of the fall foliage has dropped but it was still a beautiful weekend to get out.

Looking into Hemmed-In Hollow (tallest waterfall between the Appalachians and the Rockies). Look closely and you can see the "V" notch the water has caused. That will be explored on a future trip.

Some vibrant green moss. Happy from the rain.

Morning at Jim Bluff

I found a great use for those KFC side item bowls...

Mini pumpkin pies fit in them perfectly and survived the backpack without so much as a broken crust!

Buck crossing the Buffalo

Watching the rain come in from the "Goat Trail"

Falling off the "goat trail" may produce undesirable results

Turkey vulture hanging out nearby

Landscape shot near Horseshoe Bend











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Aaron Zagrodnick

Really great shots! Looks like an awesome trip, the goat trail looks pretty intense. Definitely stealing the KFC side dish / mini pumpkin pie idea for my next trip... :D

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Thanks! My wife made some small pumpkin pies using frozen mini pastry shells and that container worked like a champ! It was smashed around in my pack and the pie was fully intact. The goat trail provided amazing views and was a welcome relief from the rain. I wouldn't want to be caught up there in high winds or lightning though.

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