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Backpacking The Selway River Trail

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Most backpacking trips enter a figurative “Paradise” at some point or another. It could be an exquisite sunset, a perfect campsite, or time spent mesmerized by a waterfall. My trip along the Selway River Trail with my stalwart backpacking companion Justin had the amusing distinction of actually beginning at a Paradise. The Paradise boat launch and trailhead in the Bitterroot National Forest in a remote corner of Idaho, to be exact. From here we would follow the Selway River downstream for approximately 50 miles and pass through some of the most remote country in the Lower 48...

@Mark details this backpacking trip along the Selway River in Idaho - read the full article in Issue 29:

The Selway River Trail: A Hike from Paradise

Hiking the Selway River Trail.jpg

Issue 29 Page 1

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