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Dry Camping Tips and Philisophy

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

We are drawn to water in all its forms – big muscular rivers driving down broad rolling valleys, placid lakes mirroring sky and sun, roaring waterfalls calling out the names of mountains, and dripping springs whispering desert secrets. We love water and we love being by water. We sleep contented by murmuring creeks and brooks, gaze at sunset ponds dimpled by rising trout, stride down the margins of glaciated valleys rich with meanders and beaver ponds. Water is the source of life, its very sustenance, and we feel comforted by its presence...

@HappyHour with tips and technique on camping away from water sources, read the full article below in Issue 29:

In Praise of Dry Camping

In Praise of Dry Camping - Backpacking.jpg

Issue 29 Page 1

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Kudos   to Drew Smith for the many nuggets of trail wisdom he shares in his article, In Praise of Dry Camping. 

Liked these excerpts:

"Camping by water is a choice, not a necessity. And often, it is not the best choice. Many of my most memorable  campsites were nowhere near water…." 

"The barriers to dry camping are mostly those of habit, and, perhaps,  fear and anxiety. Desire is the antidote to habit., knowledge the antidote to fear."

"Dry camping is just another skill in the well rounded hiker's repertoire." Here here!

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It makes it possible to get away from other people very quickly. 

I like camping in the desert in winter because it is so lonely out there even 5 miles from the nearest road. 

A river trip in the desert is the best of all.  There are some empty stretches of North America with rivers through them. 

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