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Dolly Sods WV


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My wife was taking the kids to see her parents so I decided this was the perfect time to revisit the Dolly Sods. It ended up being a lot hotter than forecast and I ended up only doing 3 nights instead of the 5 I had planned, but I still had a great time.

I ended up doing a big loop around the whole area and got to see some parts I had missed on previous trips.

The view from "The Lion's Head" is great


And sunrise was even better


There are also some nice waterfalls



Tons of wildflowers



And lots of great hiking



The Dolly Sods are a great place to spend a couple of days. Lot more detail and pics here

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I have been researching this place for a couple of months, and I really think this is one of those "bucket list" places for me.  At an 8 hour drive from my house, it isn't exactly close.  I'll have to really plan for a trip to Dolly Sods.

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