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Need Help Identifying a Mite


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My wife and I were hiking through a wooded trail in MD, and afterwards we noticed probably hundreds of tiny little bugs on our clothes and skin.  They were very small but still visible to the naked eye, or at least they looked like little moving dots to the naked eye. I had to use my cell phone's camera zoom to get a good look (see attached pic).  They were maybe a little less than a millimeter long.  We put on ordinary DEET bugspray right before the hike.  It's been like 4 hours since we got back and there's no sign of itchyness or redness so far.  Anyone know what kind of bug this is?  They appear to have 6 legs and little hooked mouth thing.  Thanks for any help!


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Looks like a juvenile form of one of the ticks. Picture is too blurry to tell which one. Check out this page: 

Tick id

The nymph forms may only have 6 legs, instead of 8.

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