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VIDEO - Join my on the summit of some Colorado 14ers!


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Here's the link to the video! - 

Hi all!

The Decalibron Loop is a trail in the US state of Colorado. It is a series of FOUR 14ers (a mountain with an elevation over 14,000 ft) - Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt. Bross. I burned over 4,000 calories on this hike and welcome you to join me on the summits of these powerful mountains.

Here is the video I made of my trip around Decalibron! As I mentioned in a previous post, I am having issues with deteriorating memory due to Lyme Disease and have begun recording my hikes so I can remember them down the road. If you have any negative feedback, please leave it on this thread so that I can take your constructive criticism to improve my videos. I also welcome positive feedback as well! haha Either way, climb on my friends!


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That's a great hike. I took my son when he was around 13 yrs old - we didn't have so much wind. Too bad about Bross being "closed" -  although I don't think that's really stopping anybody.

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