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Trouble with boot eyelets


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Michael aka Mac

You are very welcome to the both of you. We all have our niche here, and these Boots were made for walking, and that's just what they do, But Aaron will know which boots are best for both of the two of you.... Song pun intended...

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Hello fellow hikers

I know this is an old thread, but I had to write in with my experiences to a similar experience.

I was in a big box outdoor store here in Canada, actually a great store.

Walking through the store normally, something caught my boots together and as i tried to open my leg

to step properly I couldn't and  wham I went down on my face. Thank goodness my arms came out as a reaction as i went down hard on the cement floor. 

I Hit my arms my head then my knees, 

 Writhing in pain a store clerk came over and asked if i was ok. I could not move my feet!

I looked down and to my amazement, my boot eyelets hooks had hooked together with a bootlace from the other boot.

While on the ground in pain I tried to unhook them, it took a short moment but they were definitely hooked together

and needed my hands to unhook them. They were new winter boots from a major brand ( rhymes with face) model Storm.

Which to their credit reimbursed me.  They did not have much concern for the design flaw or that I fell.

I measured 11 mm hook depth.

You could fit at least 2 bootlace thickness or more into the hook eyelet.

I started looking at all the boot manufactures hook depth, Solomon seemed to have a slim speed hook eyelet profile.

Some were thicker some more slender.  Solomon was one that is more slender

So I am off to the shoemaker to change the eyelet hooks to D ring eyelets on my new boots, and start a new fashion trend. ( the new eyelets will be covered by my pants anyway).

My point in all of this is I am sure this has happened to more people than has been reported and should be addressed by the boot manufactures.

People shouldn't have to get injured just walking, especially on the trail avoiding an rock

or tree root on a downward slope, or worse tiring to get away from a territorial animal.

At least if I am injured I will have that classic speed hook eyelet fashionable generic hiking boot 1950s look.

As am getting airlifted off trail haha!.  

Maybe not now the hooks are gone!

Falcon Mind

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I’m 100% with you that this is an issue that needs more manufacturer care. The shop I bought mine from in the UK have refused a refund and said I may have an issue with my ‘gait’ - having never seen me, and despite the boots hooking together. Like you I will never wear speed hooks again. It just isn’t worth the risk, however minimal. 8 mths later I am still having hip and face pain, I went down so fast as I was walking at speed when it happened.  

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