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Virginia Triple Crown


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Hi everyone!  Have any of you ever done or heard of the Virginia Triple Crown loop?  It's a 37 mile loop of McAfee Knob, Tinker Cliffs and Dragons Tooth.  Most do it in 3 days.  I'm having trouble finding detailed routes and information.  If any of you have done this hike can you please give me information on the route that you took.  Thank you so much.

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I did this hike in July.  Started at the Andy Layne trailhead on route 779.  Hiked west on the North Mountain Trail, up to the ridge, then south along the ridge trail.   It's about 10 miles, no views, no water, lots of raspberries!  We crossed 311 at the parking area for Dragon's Tooth.  There is water and camping just above the parking area and also a campsite where the connector trail reaches the AT at Lost Spectacle Gap.  From there, you hike South on th AT a couple of miles to Dragons Tooth.  Enjoy the views, turn around and backtrack to Lost Spectacle Gap and continue north on the AT.  You will cross Hwy 311 again at the McAfee Knob parking area.  Another mile or so to a johns shelter.  Then pass Catawba Shelter and a few nice campsites a couple of miles before McAfee.  Get water here, below the shelter.  Enjoy sunset and sunrise at McAfee. Worth it!  But you have to camp 1/2 mile beyond McAfee Knob at either Pig Farm Campsite or Campbell Shelter (right there together) as there is no camping allowed at the Knob itself.  Keep heading north on the AT another 5 miles to Tinker Cliffs.  Excellent views.  Beyond Tinker Cliffs you will come to Andy Lane trail to the left and back to your car.

Beautiful hike.  Water can be low in the summer and fall.  Bears are often active in the area so practice safe hiking and LNT. enjoy.  It's amazing and so worth it.

Let me know if you need more details.  I can probably find my old maps or journal somewhere.

aha....try this link.  There is a map I found helpful. http://www.desktodirtbag.com/backpacking-virginias-triple-crown/

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I'm not ready to cede tile of Virginia Triple Crown to that Tinker Cliffs, McAfee Knob, Dragon's Tooth AT only loop.

The title of Virginia Triple Crown can go to a Shenandoah NP Loop that includes the overlooks of Hawskbill, rock hopping to Old Rag, and waterfalls through White Oak Canyon.

Could also be a Spy Rock, Crabtree Falls, and ??? end to end or loop.     

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