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Hello from SC


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Hey everyone, long time backpacker, Spiguyver here.  I currently live in SC, but I spent a long time honing my hiking skills in Upstate New York (Adirondacks) and Northern California (Sierras).  I found this forum tonight while doing a search for some info on a backpacking trip I'm doing this weekend.  I'm out of town currently for work, in South Dakota and will be heading out into the Black Hills for a couple nights this weekend.  In the past few months I've begun taking the gopro with me, and has really started to enjoy making videos documenting my trips, reviewing gear and showing what I like to do.

Check out my YouTube page ... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhciPeCtIKAcZetSoWYxMw

I'm glad I found this page tonight, and I look forward to sharing and becoming a valued member of this forum!  See you down the trail!

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