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Backpacking New Mexico's Pecos Wilderness


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Last week I hiked a 50 mile loop in the Pecos Wilderness.  I highly recommend this area in the Southern Rockies.

Of the 50 miles, close to 20 was above treeline meaning plenty of great views.  I saw nearly 3 dozen elk and 18 bighorn sheep.  This area is the densest cluster of 12,000 foot peaks in NM and about 5 or 6 are accessible from the route including the 2nd and 3rd highest Truchas and North Truchas Peaks at over 13K.  I have the full trip report and well over 100 photos at my blog at the link below.  I don't get paid for the blog, I just enjoy sharing my travels in the mountains.


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Nice report. Really great area - I hiked all that but the Bear Mountain Trail. I've gotten significant amounts of snow in September and May. June is really nice if you beat the monsoon.

You've proven that taking a shower is more dangerous than backpacking in the wilderness. Hope you feel better soon.

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Mark Wetherington

Thanks for sharing that report, looks like an awesome area.

It's a pretty neat experience when you're able to see a lake or landscape feature one way in the afternoon, then its snow covered the next morning. I've had that happen a few times (similar experience as you seemed to have had at Truchas Lake) and it is always a treat.

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