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Big South Fork (KY)


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I was able to take advantage of the great weather we have been experiencing in KY and return to Big South Fork for a couple of nights. Daytime highs were upper 70s and overnight lows were mid 50s, no need for rain protection, perfect hiking weather.




I did not hike anywhere near as far as planned, but I had a great time

lots more details/pics here http://backpackandbeer.blogspot.com/2016/11/blue-heron-big-south-fork.html

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Makes me want to have been there with a fishing pole. 

The Sheltowee Trace through BSF Nat Rec Area and Nat Scenic River is a beautiful, engaging, and diverse route through BSF all the way from the northern part of the wilderness where the ST crosses Hwy 27 north of Whitley City all the way to Leatherwood Ford, Burnt Mill Bridge White, Oak Creek area. 

escarpments, arches, ledges, waterfalls, river shoreline trails, history, rock houses, wildlife, uncrowded, easy logistics, swimming holes, southern hospitality, automobile access but not to the point it's vastly imposing on pedestrian or equestrian experiences

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