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Hi, I want to hike the AT but not all at once, in sections because I can't take off of work. Does any one have any advice or resources they know of that I can use to research?? If you- thank you!!

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Mark Wetherington

I'd recommend Whiteblaze.net as a great place to start looking for information. Region or state-specific hiking guidebooks would also likely have some information about hikes in there as well.

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Coincide cherry picking the sections with your backpacking timeframe for the best experiences. For example, if plants are your hobby pick sections like Roan Mt in NC when the Rhododendrons, and Flame and fragrant Carolina Azaleas   are in bloom. Pick the northeast or Blue Ridge in the fall for the leaf peeping extravaganza. Pick the mid Atlantic like VA which is a humid sweatfest in summer for the spring or fall. If insects aren't your thing pick New England in the summer after black fly season but before skeeters and gnats first hatch. Pick Great Smokey Mt and Shenandoah NP segments not to coincide during peak usage like weekends around holidays or GSMNP during the AT NOBO thru-hiker bubble. If waterfall chasing is the desire pick segments with noted waterfalls during peak times when the water volume is flowing heavily.     

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