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Hiking Goshen Prong

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Dedicating land like this to the enjoyment of the masses comes at a cost. Though it was nearly 80 years ago, there are still echoes of the past resonating in many forms. The physical toll inflicted upon the region by logging, the ire of the descendants of the park’s evicted denizens, and memories of the good old days are more and more evident the deeper you delve. Like it or not, the mountains and all her natural residents have regained control. In this article, I’ll describe a beautiful hike that traverses both natural diversity and historical significance.This is a great candidate for a shuttle hike for a somewhat leisurely decent into a beautiful creek-side trek. The perfect day...

@SparbaniePhoto details this day hike in the Great Smoky Mountains - take a look in Issue 31:

Goshen Prong: American History and Natural Diversity

Hiking Goshen Prong - Great Smoky Mountains National Park.JPG

Issue 31 Page 1

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