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Seeking advice on speed hiking backpack


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Hello All - am new to the forum. Please can anyone advise on a back pack that uses the same kind of system as Deuter for keeping the back of the pack off one's back to allow air to circulate more freely?

I love Deuter but they are way too expensive!

Looking at a 20L size.


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Mark Wetherington

I believe both Osprey and Gregory, as well as a few other manufacturers, make packs with a similar type of design. I think is called a "trampoline" style but each brand has their own proprietary term for it. 

Packs in the Gregory Z series might be worth looking at, but will probably be around the same price as Deuter packs. 

I will say that a properly fitting pack with the specific features you want is something that you won't regret spending the money on. If you look around online for a while you should be able to find a deal for it at around 20% off if you're willing to wait. 

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